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Means you are completely free to apply your own branding and design. Most other platforms limit you and apply at least parts of their design and branding. They will charge extra to let you put on your own design. Wicked. We believe your design should be upfront, not ours.

E-mail templates

You will be sending save the dates, invitations, reminders, confirmations and newsletters or info mails. We provide templates for these. Especially when merge-tags or dynamic content are needed, templates come in handy.

Website builder

You want to build your website & emails in a matter of minutes. Our drag & drop builder allows that. It is even easier than wordpress, automatically makes all your designs responsive (optimized for mobile devices) and needs no coding skills at all.

Single registration page

You may design your website so that everything (content & registration form) shows on a single page, you are the decision maker. If asked we suggest using multiple tabs, if there is enough content to put on.

Event website

You may use as many tabs (sub sites) on your webpage as you like. You may even decide which guests sees which tabs based on group permissions. This allows differentiating between ticket buyers and VIPs for example, or between people speaking different languages.

Guest group management

Structuring your guest base makes management and handling much easier.

It allows distinguish easily when sending targeted emails, making different booking options visible, showing different parts of the webpage, printing different designs of badges or enforcing permissions during check-in for areas, ticket levels or similar.

Session registration

If you have different workshops, presentations, side events or any other slots you want to offer reservations for, this is what you need. They allow setting maximum registration limits, assign date & time and certainly enforcing which groups are allowed to book which sessions.

Check-in App

We offer an an android based app especially for contactless interactions which go beyond check-in like vouchers, surveys or gamification experiences. Apple unfortunately is still to strict about opening their contactless NFC module.

Check-in PWApp

Since we don’t want you to depend on iOS or Android we offer the hottest new technology on the market > PWA (Progressive Web App). It looks & feels like an app, needs no installation, puts an icon on your home screen and works offline. The only thing you need to do is open a weblink, as simple as that.

Badge print

Printing badges is a necessary thing sometimes, we offer two sizes (credit card or XL badges). Both can have a contactless chip integrated if needed. Print on plastic or paper, up to you. Put photos, names, logos on your badge – we offer templates to choose from.

Guest App

We do not offer a guest app. Why? Because most guests would not install it simply, so whats the value. We believe in web content because it can be changed in seconds, no app store releases or cost attached. Your guests will love to have all needed info accessible with a simple link they received in their confirmation email for example.


Selling tickets is one of your most important income streams. Most platforms charge extra for selling tickets. We don’t. They only additional cost is caused by your payment provider transacting your guest purchases. Our recommendation is using Stripe, we have it tightly integrated, it works out of the box and is cheaper than most.

Contactless (NFC)

We suggest to checkout our contactless page for more in depth info.

Your guests will love it as well as your team will. It just makes things so much easier and improves processes you have never even thought of could be improved.