Why planning to develop an app is a really bad idea

I decided to publish this article, because many customers and business friends (not only event business related), keep coming up with the idea of building an app or needing an app to solve an issue.

Many of you probably didn´t realize, but the approach of developing an app to solve a problem or satisfy a potential need is in many cases a thing of the past.


  • From technical perspective, it is by far not state of the art
  • From business perspective it is simply a wrong & limiting approach

If you read this far and the terms

  • Headless CMS
  • Content Hub
  • Progressive WebApp (PWA)

popped up in your head, you are good to go.

If not, and if in any way you are in charge of digital business decisions, you should keep on reading. Because you are some years behind.

app vs pwa
Let`s get straight to the point.

The first thing everyone needs to think of is CONTENT (assuming your target has already been defined).
And I mean CONTENT not from a business but from a technical perspective. 
Everything else comes second.

What is Silicon Valley doing?

If Silicon Valley Innovators are thinking of building a solution from scratch today, their basis will most likely be a CONTENT HUB.
You can find more detailed info visiting these links:



Content hub

Do i really need a headless CMS?

In short, the CONTENT HUB is where all relevant info is structured and saved.

The beauty of a CONTENT HUB is its independence. 
It does not care where information will be published to (Web, App, Tablet, Foldable, PC, Phone, embedded content – you name it).

The CONTENT HUB is part of a so-called HEADLESS CMS (Content Management System). 
It is called HEADLESS because it is able to communicate with internal and external systems in various ways (mostly through a REST API), without the need to change your existing underlying system, structure or application.

This approach solves two major headaches

  • Integration of external systems / partners / applications / platforms
  • Publishing content to any kind of screen or device

Which brings us back to my initial statement about app development.

Why many apps are failing

Especially, but not only in the event industry, apps do not succeed because you don’t want to install an app for only a few hours or days. 
The good thing is, there is no need to.

For mobile devices Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the most convenient choice. 
They are web-based and need no installation, still when using it you will have an app like experience. 
Beautiful, isn`t it?

I am 99% sure you already used a progressive web app, you just didn`t realize it.
The web based version of Google Maps (not the app) on your smartphone is a good example for such. 
Most leading companies published PWAs already (Facebook, Tinder, Pinterest, Telegram, AliExpress…).

A PWA can be opened the same way an app is, by clicking an icon on your smartphone screen. 
The additional benefit of a PWA is its device independence. 
You only need to publish it once, in best case via your HEADLESS CMS, and may use it on any device, your Mac, Windows or Linux PC.
If one day you feel the need to publish your content to a completely new device, let`s say a huge LED wall, your HEADLESS CMS will be there for you and the only headache you might get, is from the blinding lights of the LED wall that you are staring on 😉

Apps have another serious disadvantage

When creating or updating an app (both for Android & IOS), you need to go through an approval process with Apple & Google.
The process might take some weeks and the chance of disapproval is not unlikely.

PWAs do not require such an approval process. 
Content is published or updated on your server and available on a user’s device in real-time.

Certainly, they are some limitations when using PWAs, but for the majority of content (app) providers these limitations won’t matter.
The downside of PWAs are only found on IOS because Apple is, as always, slow to adjust when it comes to user flexibility.
We have seen the same behaviour with NFC where it took Apple 2 years to open up. 

Last but not least.

We do certainly provide Apps & PWAs for our customers (Event organisers, Event guests).
No need to download an app to check-in your guests.
And no need for guests to download an app to have event agenda, info & personal bookings on their smartphone. 

You may want to check our competition comparison table to get a clear picture why working with us is a wise choice on many levels.


In case of questions, remarks or need of development, feel free to contact us