event guest contact tracing

Event guest contact tracing

CONTACT TRACING ON EVENTS The ultimate checklist This is the most recent step-by-step checklist for event guest contact tracing. It provides insights into the preparations and learnings from the first events held under the influence of Covid-19. We are covering all phases from ticket sales & event guest registration to  QR-code accreditation and contactless Check-in & check-out. If you are looking for best practices and a checklist, this is what you get. Let`s get started! Why contact tracing is not difficult As always it is just a matter of having the right tools at hand. According to studies in 2018

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app vs pwa

Why planning to develop an app is a really bad idea

I decided to publish this article, because many customers and business friends (not only event business related), keep coming up with the idea of building an app or needing an app to solve an issue. Many of you probably didn´t realize, but the approach of developing an app to solve a problem or satisfy a potential need is in many cases a thing of the past. Reasons: From technical perspective, it is by far not state of the art From business perspective it is simply a wrong & limiting approach If you read this far and the terms Headless CMS

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bett1aces tennis tournament

Contactless contact tracing @bett1ACES tennis tournament

The bett1ACES, one of the first tennis tournaments after the beginning of the COVID crisis has been kicked off in Berlin by Emotiongroup (organizer of three ATP & one WTA tournament) together with their lead partner General setting: Two tournaments in two different locations Grasscourt @ Steffi Graf stadium Hardcourt @ Tempelhof Management of all persons entering the venue Staff, Players, Ticket buyers, Media Assuring planned safety measures are executed at all times Assure contact tracing using contactless NFC-based technology   Since the Adria tour, organized by World Nr.1 Novak Djokovic, created some negative press and was more or less

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