Contactless contact tracing @bett1ACES tennis tournament

The bett1ACES, one of the first tennis tournaments after the beginning of the COVID crisis has been kicked off in Berlin by Emotiongroup (organizer of three ATP & one WTA tournament) together with their lead partner

General setting:
  • Two tournaments in two different locations
  • Management of all persons entering the venue
    • Staff, Players, Ticket buyers, Media
  • Assuring planned safety measures are executed at all times
  • Assure contact tracing using contactless NFC-based technology


Since the Adria tour, organized by World Nr.1 Novak Djokovic, created some negative press and was more or less also a setback for the tennis tour overall, COVID precautions were set a very high level to assure safety of players and anyone at the venue.

Emotiongroup put together an extensive COVID safety concept that was thoroughly reviewed and approved by the authorities.

The safety concept and execution at the venue can be regarded as a blueprint for any upcoming event and is going to help other organizers being successful despite the influence of COVID.

On the physical side the concept included zones (bubbles) to confine groups of people, especially players and their teams, making sure the radius around them was big enough to prevent an infection. All people in contact with players and teams directly were tested upfront.

Entrance into the venue was only permitted after passing

Physical & digital measures
were setup to work together seamlessly.

This also involved gathering and recording as much data as possible for proper contact tracing.

Digital measures:
  • Registration of every parcticipant entering the venue
    • 90% all registrations were done upfront, 10% on-site
    • Collecting GDPR & COVID behaviour guidelines agreement
  • Keeping record of personal data
    • Photo, name, address, email, phone, seat
  • Target group-based communication of event guidelines
  • Contactless (NFC) access control based on a zone concept

Execution of digital controls & contact tracing:
  • Contactless badges with photo ID print
  • Twenty different participant groups
  • Nine security zones & two stadiums
  • Recording & live monitoring of entries, exits & amount of people at the venue
  • Seating management & seat check-in
  • Daily adjustment of access permissions


Without a doubt every new setup and newly implemented processes are tough for both organizers and guests.
But since all of us gathered a lot of experience since the COVID crisis started, the measures taken at the two events were very well accepted and actually welcomed.

There was not a single reported infection which is not only a surprise for many, but also a proof that events can be held safely as long as COVID measures are defined and executed.
So Game on!